Parole Review For All

Proposed Legislation!
"An Act to Reduce Mass Incarceration"

Senate Bill S.1045
Introduced by Sen. Liz Miranda

Co-Sponsored by;
Joanne M. Comerford Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester
Lydia Edwards 3rd Suffolk
Adam Gomez Hampden
Patricia D. Jehlen 2nd Middlesex
Rebecca L. Rausch Norfolk, Worcester & Middlesex

House Bill H.1821
Introduced by Rep. Chris Worrell

Co-Sponsored by;
James C. Arena-DeRosa 8th Middlesex
David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf 17th Worcester
Christine P. Barber 34th Middlesex
Joanne M. Comerford Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester
Lydia Edwards 3rd Suffolk
Dylan A. Fernandes Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket
James K. Hawkins 2nd Bristol
Natalie M. Higgins 4th Worcester
Russell E. Holmes 6th Suffolk
Kay Khan 11th Middlesex
Samantha Montaño 12th Suffolk
Steven Owens 29th Middlesex
Lindsay N. Sabadosa 1st Hampshire
Priscila S. Sousa 6th Middlesex
Erika Uyterhoeven 27th Middlesex
Tommy Vitolo 15th Norfolk
James K. Hawkins 2nd Bristol
Bud L. Williams 11th Hampden
Mary S. Keefe 15th Worcester
Rebecca L. Rausch Norfolk, Worcester & Middlesex
Marjorie C. Decker 25th Middlesex
Mike Connolly 26th Middlesex
Shirley B. Arriaga 8th Hampden
Patricia A. Duffy 5th Hampden
Patricia A. Haddad 5th Bristol
Mindy Domb 3rd Hampshire
This proposed legislation would change the Massachusetts General Laws in order to:
  • Abolish all life without parole sentences for first degree murder convictions, mandating parole hearings for all starting at 25 years.

  • Abolish life sentences for habitual offenders as mandated by 2012's "Three Strikes" law. (see page 36, Habitual Offenders). For opinions of the "Three Strikes" legislation, go to this article, "Three Strikes" law.

  • Abolish virtual life sentences for individuals convicted of several offenses, each offense with a distinct sentence to run consecutively, the cumulative impact resulting in excess of 25 years.

  • Modify all sentences currently being served to provide for parole hearings beginning at 25 years. Availability of parole hearings does not guarantee parole; the Parole Board would judge each person on the merits of his/her growth.

  • Require the Department of Correction to institute restorative justice programming at all institutions which house persons serving sentences in excess of 25 years (This added for the 2021 session).

  • The requirement regarding all serving life sentences would be applied retroactively to all currently serving such sentences.

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Other legislators have introduced bills to modify life sentences, but none of them abolishes the "Life Without Parole" sentence option.